Introduction to Physiotherapy (Physical Therapy)

The branch of medical science that deals with assessment, diagnosis & treatment of any kind of disability is called Physiotherapy (Physical therapy).

Physiotherapy works as a bridge between a patient & his society as it rehabilitate the victim & help to live them a normal life. It also deals with disease prevention & improvement in quality of life.

Physiotherapy is opted as treatment in :-

  • Orthopedic conditions (Post fracture stiffness of joints// degenerative joint diseases such as arthritis etc.)
  • Neurological conditions (Paralysis // Parkinson`s diseases // Polio myelitis etc.)
  • Pediatric conditions (cerebral palsy // Myopathies // Hydrocephalus etc.)
  • Sports Condition (Sprain // Strain // Nutrition & fitness of players etc.)
  • Cardiovascular conditions (Burger`s Disease // Post Surgical physiotherapy after various lungs & heart surgeries )
  • Women health (Antenatal {during pregnancy} // Post Natal {After delivery}

Most important thing about treatment is , it uses natural ways of therapies such as heat, cold, manual therapy.
The science works on natural body regulatory system and not interfere in its original working mechanism.


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