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Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi….

Another great week at Pilates – the current theme being Wimbledon  – if its good enough for Andy Murray…… Lots of tennis rackets are being used on the reformer, Bosu balls and baby arc; concentrating on rotation throughout the body. The principals are the same but one things for sure although the Pilates classes have… Read More »

Deformity by Osteoarthritis of Knee joints & Prevention

Detail Understanding :- Osteo-arthritis of knee joint ends with deformed knee joint. A deformity is mall alignment(displacement) of bones causes abnormal position of joints which is irreversible. Two main deformities associated with Osteo-arthritis of knee joint are :- 1) Flexion deformity Flexion deformity of knee is very common in Osteo-arthritic patients. The main cause is muscle imbalance. The… Read More »

Preventive Approach for Arthritis

More than 500,000 total joint arthroplasty surgeries of hip and knee are performed annually, the majority of which are patients with osteo-arthritis. The main causes of knee arthritis in Indian population is lack of awareness about proper exercises, diet & sitting habits. Most of the arthritis can be prevented by some changes in life style.… Read More »