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Knee Injury types and role of physiotherapy

Role of physiotherapy, post operation for Rehabilitation of knee injury comes after the right identification of type of knee injury and its location. Knee Injuries can be broadly  classified as:- 1)Bony Injuries 2)Soft Tissue Injuries Picture below showing bony & soft tissue structure around knee joint. Bony Injuries :- It can be a fracture of bones… Read More »

Shoe review: Adidas Adios Boost

For: Lightweight, but still cushioned and responsive Great transition from rear to forefoot Durable Continental rubber outsole Against: Not for those with wide feet, narrow toe box Lacks finer road feel (for those who require it) Price tag Cost: $200 Verdict:  4.5/5 STARS A very slick racing shoe which can well be used for everyday speed… Read More »

Shotover Moonlight Mountain Marathon 2014 Race Report

Congratulations to our Indooroopilly sponsored athlete Ben Duffus on taking out the Shotover Moonlight Mountain Marathon in New Zealand. Here is his exciting race report which captures the scenery and terrain – as well as his emotions – during this exciting 42km mountain race. Over to Ben … As the Queenstown Rafting shuttle bus filled… Read More »

The ABCs of Knees

In 2007, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare published a study showing that 38.7% of all touch football injuries presenting to hospital were knee injuries. Changing direction at speed, side-stepping, jumping and landing can all cause damage to the structures of the knee if they are uncontrolled or performed with excessive forces. So if you… Read More »

Avoiding overuse injuries

With 2014 still young, you only need take a look at the pavements and sporting fields to see that there are lots of people enthusiastic about their training at the moment. While this enthusiasm is a great thing, many of these avid trainers may suffer burnout either physically or psychologically by the time the weather… Read More »

Allsports Kangaroo Point opens new clinic

Allsports Physiotherapy – Kangaroo Point has now opened its brand new clinic. The new clinic is located in the heart of Kangaroo Point, just behind the famous Story Bridge Hotel, at Level 2, Suite 5, 22 Baildon Street, Kangaroo Point. As well as physiotherapy, clients can also access onsite massage therapy, podiatry and exercise Physiology at… Read More »

Active Exercises

Active exercises These are further categorized into:- a) Free Active Exercises b) Resisted Exercise a) Free Active Exercises Neck  Elbow  wrist & fingers Shoulder Exercises Hip Exercises   Rotation Exercises for trunk Rotation Exercises for trunk  Simple Trunk Bending Exercises        Side Bending Exercises For Trunk   b)Resisted Active Exercises Free Active Exercises are… Read More »

Physiotherapy exercises

ALL EXERCISES MENTIONED BELOW SHOULD BE UNDERSTOOD & PERFORMED UNDER SUPERVISION OF PHYSIOTHERAPIST Therapeutic exercises are helpful for maintaining body fitness as well as to prevent some diseases that occur with increasing age. Therapeutic Exercises are:- 1.Stretching exercises. 2.Active exercises. 3.Muscle conditioning exercises. 4.Balancing  exercises. 5.Deep Breathing exercises. 1 Stretching exercises:- These  exercises are helpful for maintaining… Read More »

Degenerative Meniscal Tear

Menisci are soft tissue pad like structures between 2 bones of knee joint which act as a cushion. With increase in age wear & tear of these soft tissue is very common. There are 2 menisci in knee joint :- Inner(medial) meniscus Outer(lateral) meniscus Out of them inner one is more prone for wear &… Read More »

knee osteoarthritis

In knee osteoarthritis there is roughning of tissue(cartilage) that covers ends of knee joint bones. Loss of smoothness in this tissue causes painfull knee during movement and weight bearing. Knee osteoarthritis is classified into:- 1)Patellofemoral 2)Tibiofemoral Symptoms:- A) Knee Pain – specially on weight bearing, during ascending & descending stairs. B) Knee Stiffness :- Stiffness… Read More »