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Physiotherapist by interest & is ready to help any one at any time of day !! I have done Physiotherapy from MGM medical college Indore and currently practicing in vadodara !!

Pain – Measurement & analysis

Pain is a critical feeling that cannot be expressed in any scale. Therefore, pain – measurement & analysis is critical to doctor & patient both. Pain is difficult to communicate. There is no scale so a doctor has to ask it in a very common form – on a scale of 1 to 10 how… Read More »

What is Radial Shockwave Therapy

  What is Radial Shockwave Therapy? Radial shockwave therapy is a new breakthrough technology used to treat chronic (long term) tendon disease such as Achilles tendinitis that has failed to respond to normal treatment. The technology is based on lithotripsy, which has been used for many years to treat kidney stones. High energy sound waves… Read More »

Can diagnostic uncertainty bias patients’ memory?

Our thoughts shape our emotional and behavioral responses. This is a well-established principle in psychological research and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. We use preconceptions – known as “schemas” – to help us filter new and ambiguous information. These schemas are helpful in many ways, but they do not always serve us well: they will often produce biases… Read More »

How to read research papers

The biggest problem in research paper publishing is that people go just by “intro” part OR “research problem statement”  & give their judgement. The hefty time & research done by the person or group is in vane. Here is a set of article that helps on ” How to read a research papers” so that… Read More »

Physiotherapy in Sports

Role of Physiotherapy in sports is hard to define, here is an experience borrowed !! The Brisbane Strikers played the first game of Round thirty two in the Westfield FFA Cup recently which was hosted by local team, Broadmeadow Magic in Newcastle.  The competition is a national knockout competition modelled on the English FA Cup.  It… Read More »

Ligament Knee Injury and role of physiotherapy

Ligament knee injury radiates pain which can easily be sighted by external swelling that appears on the knee zone. This usually occurs while – playing sports OR in accidents. Basic cause of ligament injury is sudden motion of knee joint in cross direction (Left to right rather than front to back). Most common Ligament knee… Read More »

Smiling for Smiddy Update

  On Wednesday the 30th of July, 2014, Cameron Schembri from the Allsports Jindalee team chatted with the Smiling for Smiddy members that will be participating in the 2014 Noosa Triathlon, taking place on November 2nd. Smiling for Smiddy is a group of cycling enthusiasts riding long distances to raise funds for vital cancer research,… Read More »

Knee Injury types and role of physiotherapy

Role of physiotherapy, post operation for Rehabilitation of knee injury comes after the right identification of type of knee injury and its location. Knee Injuries can be broadly  classified as:- 1)Bony Injuries 2)Soft Tissue Injuries Picture below showing bony & soft tissue structure around knee joint. Bony Injuries :- It can be a fracture of bones… Read More »