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The ABCs of Knees

In 2007, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare published a study showing that 38.7% of all touch football injuries presenting to hospital were knee injuries. Changing direction at speed, side-stepping, jumping and landing can all cause damage to the structures of the knee if they are uncontrolled or performed with excessive forces. So if you… Read More »

Avoiding overuse injuries

With 2014 still young, you only need take a look at the pavements and sporting fields to see that there are lots of people enthusiastic about their training at the moment. While this enthusiasm is a great thing, many of these avid trainers may suffer burnout either physically or psychologically by the time the weather… Read More »

Allsports Kangaroo Point opens new clinic

Allsports Physiotherapy – Kangaroo Point has now opened its brand new clinic. The new clinic is located in the heart of Kangaroo Point, just behind the famous Story Bridge Hotel, at Level 2, Suite 5, 22 Baildon Street, Kangaroo Point. As well as physiotherapy, clients can also access onsite massage therapy, podiatry and exercise Physiology at… Read More »

Physiotherapy exercises

ALL EXERCISES MENTIONED BELOW SHOULD BE UNDERSTOOD & PERFORMED UNDER SUPERVISION OF PHYSIOTHERAPIST Therapeutic exercises are helpful for maintaining body fitness as well as to prevent some diseases that occur with increasing age. Therapeutic Exercises are:- 1.Stretching exercises. 2.Active exercises. 3.Muscle conditioning exercises. 4.Balancing  exercises. 5.Deep Breathing exercises. 1 Stretching exercises:- These  exercises are helpful for maintaining… Read More »

Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi….

Another great week at Pilates – the current theme being Wimbledon  – if its good enough for Andy Murray…… Lots of tennis rackets are being used on the reformer, Bosu balls and baby arc; concentrating on rotation throughout the body. The principals are the same but one things for sure although the Pilates classes have… Read More »

Phil on tour to South Africa

Having recently returned from a two week tour to South Africa with the England Womens U-19 squad, I have now readjusted to the rapidly dropping temperature of the English winter.


Our new blogging section in our website, brings discussions, news and informative information to all our patient’s. These articles highlight the latest events and functions that we’ve been participating in. We will also like to share some updates and current events that has been happening within the organisation.

Visit us at the Ikano Robin Hood Marathon 2013

Our team of physio’s will be available 2 hours before the race starts and after the race. We will be supported again by a huge team of Physio Students (from the Nottingham School of Physiotherapy) who will be offering pre and post event massage

Sports First Aid Course

We are delighted to be hosting a Lubas Medical first aid course at Impact Physio Long Eaton on 25th June 2013. This is a Basic first aid course suitable and relevant to anyone involved in sport or leisure