Degenerative Meniscal Tear

By | July 8, 2014

Menisci are soft tissue pad like structures between 2 bones of knee joint which act as a cushion. With increase in age wear & tear of these soft tissue is very common.

There are 2 menisci in knee joint :-

Inner(medial) meniscus

Outer(lateral) meniscus

Out of them inner one is more prone for wear & tear as the load is more commonly on it & its mobility is low as compared to other one.


Most common symptom is knee pain mostly on inner and back side of knee.
Person feels locking during knee joint movement.
Pain usually more in morning time and after activities like walking,running.
Reduced range of motion of knee joint.


Diagnosis is done on the basis of some special tests performed manually either by physiotherapist or by orthopedic surgeon. The tests are:-
Apley’s test
Apley`s Test (Click to  see video)

Mcmurrey test
McMurrey (Click to see video)

After this physical examination a proper MRI is done & On  the basis of MRI report.( Which shows tear )

Meniscal tear

Please note that X-Ray can be done but picture may not be clear.

Treatment :-

Surgery is the only solution on tear length of 1 Cm and above.
After surgery, physiotherapy is required for rehabilitation of knee.
In case of more detail please consult our doctors for more details

For tears less than 1 CM physiotherapy may be effective but in very rare case.
Physiotherapy here may give symptomatic relief to patient

Surgery can be delay with the help of physiotherapy without any further growth in tear.


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