How to read research papers

By | August 30, 2014

The biggest problem in research paper publishing is that people go just by “intro” part OR “research problem statement”  & give their judgement. The hefty time & research done by the person or group is in vane. Here is a set of article that helps on ” How to read a research papers” so that in future, if you come across an article that is attached to research paper you know how to go through it.

Simple steps that you need to take at a research papers are :-

  • Read the index

There are times when people do not look at index, they just jump at the volume of the book (say 600 pages) & look at introduction part.

  • Read the “Subject” of research in between

Make sure that the subject part of the research is in your head all the time while reading through it. To keep that enacted, keep reading the the “topic” OR “Subject” line of research paper.

Side Note :- Research paper writers are requested to keep the Subject heading on the right hand side top of the page all the time.

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