Pain – Measurement & analysis

By | August 30, 2014

Pain is a critical feeling that cannot be expressed in any scale. Therefore, pain – measurement & analysis is critical to doctor & patient both. Pain is difficult to communicate. There is no scale so a doctor has to ask it in a very common form – on a scale of 1 to 10 how much is the pain. If customer says its 10 out of 10 you, as a physiotherapist have to accept it as a 10/10. This is what theory says, but in actual, we all know that if  it is 10/10 pain then the expressions of the patient is – sweating, closing eyes with high pressure and blowing air from mouth. So it is possible to understand the – pain, measurement, analysis part of treatment in real world.

Psychology of pain

The true part comes when patient`s psychology ” of pain is still there even after treatment” comes. This is the place where you go to real world & try to look the reaction of rest of the body parts when you churl the injury.


if a patient was suffering from Knee ligament failure & you were not able to rotate it by say 30 degree on each side but post treatment, you are now able to move it to 60-70 degree on each side; so you should accept the treatment or the line of treatment as a success.

 Communication of pain

The communication of pain to your physiotherapist is a must part. Where you should give him the exact intensity of pain so he/she can decide the correct line of treatment. There exists a variety of causes for a pain in certain place (read our article for knee pain as example) and if that is diagnosed correctly the line of treatment of its permanent cure lies in patient`s feedback of improvement or change in pain.

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