Physiotherapy exercises

By | July 14, 2014

Therapeutic exercises are helpful for maintaining body fitness as well as to prevent some diseases that occur with increasing age. Therapeutic Exercises are:-
1.Stretching exercises.
2.Active exercises.
3.Muscle conditioning exercises.
4.Balancing  exercises.
5.Deep Breathing exercises.

Stretching exercises:-

These  exercises are helpful for maintaining flexibility of  body. Stretching exercises are:- Ballistic stretching. Sustained stretching. 1st one is high intensity short duration stretching beneficial for sports person. 2nd one is long duration stretching in which muscle stretch is hold for 30 sec.,3 repetition. Stretching should be done  on alternate day as it causes muscle soreness.

aeerobic flexibality

2.Active Exercises :- Click here

3.Muscle Conditioning Exercises:-

Specially done for back,knee,neck.In these exercises tension in a muscle develop without joint movement.
The common procedure adapted for this is – to press the towel roll for 10 second sets 10 times.

For Knee

For neck

For Back

The process here in to hold your waist and press the soft mat by your pelvis bone for – 10 seconds 10 sets.

4. Balancing Exercises:-

Balancing Exercises are useful in old aged persons,as there is loss of balance with increase in age. Some easy balancing exercises are Standing with both feet close to each other& eyes closed,Single leg standing with eyes closed etc.


balancing exercises

balancing exercises

balancing exercises

5.Deep Breathing Exercises :-

In a normal person these exercises are very helpfull to improve exchange of gases at Lung & Tissue level,thus improve general health,provide Relaxation.

Breath In

Breath Out


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