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Active Exercises

Active exercises These are further categorized into:- a) Free Active Exercises b) Resisted Exercise a) Free Active Exercises Neck  Elbow  wrist & fingers Shoulder Exercises Hip Exercises   Rotation Exercises for trunk Rotation Exercises for trunk  Simple Trunk Bending Exercises        Side Bending Exercises For Trunk   b)Resisted Active Exercises Free Active Exercises are… Read More »

Physiotherapy exercises

ALL EXERCISES MENTIONED BELOW SHOULD BE UNDERSTOOD & PERFORMED UNDER SUPERVISION OF PHYSIOTHERAPIST Therapeutic exercises are helpful for maintaining body fitness as well as to prevent some diseases that occur with increasing age. Therapeutic Exercises are:- 1.Stretching exercises. 2.Active exercises. 3.Muscle conditioning exercises. 4.Balancing  exercises. 5.Deep Breathing exercises. 1 Stretching exercises:- These  exercises are helpful for maintaining… Read More »