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Knee Injury types and role of physiotherapy

Role of physiotherapy, post operation for Rehabilitation of knee injury comes after the right identification of type of knee injury and its location. Knee Injuries can be broadly  classified as:- 1)Bony Injuries 2)Soft Tissue Injuries Picture below showing bony & soft tissue structure around knee joint. Bony Injuries :- It can be a fracture of bones… Read More »

knee osteoarthritis

In knee osteoarthritis there is roughning of tissue(cartilage) that covers ends of knee joint bones. Loss of smoothness in this tissue causes painfull knee during movement and weight bearing. Knee osteoarthritis is classified into:- 1)Patellofemoral 2)Tibiofemoral Symptoms:- A) Knee Pain – specially on weight bearing, during ascending & descending stairs. B) Knee Stiffness :- Stiffness… Read More »