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Physiotherapy exercises

ALL EXERCISES MENTIONED BELOW SHOULD BE UNDERSTOOD & PERFORMED UNDER SUPERVISION OF PHYSIOTHERAPIST Therapeutic exercises are helpful for maintaining body fitness as well as to prevent some diseases that occur with increasing age. Therapeutic Exercises are:- 1.Stretching exercises. 2.Active exercises. 3.Muscle conditioning exercises. 4.Balancing  exercises. 5.Deep Breathing exercises. 1 Stretching exercises:- These  exercises are helpful for maintaining… Read More »

Preventive Approach for Arthritis

More than 500,000 total joint arthroplasty surgeries of hip and knee are performed annually, the majority of which are patients with osteo-arthritis. The main causes of knee arthritis in Indian population is lack of awareness about proper exercises, diet & sitting habits. Most of the arthritis can be prevented by some changes in life style.… Read More »