Top 5 reasons of knee pain

By | July 1, 2014

Knee pain is very common in Indian population specially in middle & old aged people. The Top 5 reasons of knee pain are as follows :-

1) De-generative changes in joint (Such as – Arthritis & Menisci degeneration) :-
I) Arthritis (It is swelling of any joint) :-
In case of arthritis at knee ( Knee arthritis)  it causes permanent distortion in the tissue (cartilages) present there.
For prevention of Arthritis at initial stage click here.

II) Menisci (soft tissue pad between knee bones) Degeneration :-
This happens in commonly after the age of 40 years, where the pad type tissue between the knee bones gets wear & tear. For more on Menisci degeneration click here.

Top 5 reasons of knee pain


2) Injuries :-

A) Accidental
B) Twisting injuries of Ligaments
For more on healing of injuries click here.

3) Post fracture stiffness / Post surgical knee pain :-
For more on healing of fracture injuries click here.

4) Systemic diseases :-
(Such as  Gout, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, etc)
For more on Systemic diseases click here.

5) Joint lubricant swells :-
(Bursitis, soft tissue inflammation)

Top 5 reasons of knee pain

Blue drops are Bursa around knee joint

6) Deformities of knee joints :-
Deformities may be by birth  OR occurred due to some reason.

7) Radiating pain :-
Sometimes the pain at the hip, calf or at waist radiate to the knee & is termed as radiating pain. People should clarify the zone of their severe pain before starting the treatment.

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